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CNC Services

CNC Routing


Offers an incredibly accurate way of cutting sheet materials in any design imaginable. We can cut simple shapes to complex patterns, or detailed 3D reliefs /shapes.


Our fast, quality services will provide you with accurately machined parts. Our services are suitable for many applications.

Film, TV, And Stage – Whether it’s creating replica windows, doors, stage flooring, tile/brick wall panelling, signage and lettering, all will be completed to our high standards. From handheld props, to full set structures, no job is too small or too big.

CNC Engraving

CNC Engraving

Engraving is a fantastic choice when it comes to adding detail to a piece. It’s also a great way to add a fun or unique touch when presenting your brand. Through the advancements in CNC, it is now easier than ever to create sophisticated logos, promotional and informational items for use in offices, hotels, and restaurants. Our CNC services are also the perfect choice when it comes to creating sets, stages, props and models. You should consider using our CNC engraving services if you need any of the following.


Personalized Items
Door Number Plates
Company Logos – Strong Branding
Screens Or Partitions
Floor Indicators
Product Detailing
Set Structures
Film Props/Models


With a constant stream of exciting new materials being developed for CNC cutting and engraving, the options available are constantly growing. The most common materials we work with are tried and tested.


MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)


 A hugely popular choice for CNC routing and machining. Available in Standard MDF, Moisture Resistant MDF and Exterior MDF. Also available are an assortment of laminated MDFs.



Plywood is another popular choice when it comes to CNC routing and machining.

Plywood comes in many types, such as Shutter Plywood, Engineered

Plywood, Marine Plywood, Veneer Plywood and Elliotis Plywood.

Polyurethane Model Board


Polyurethane Model Board is extremely popular for CNC machining due to being perfect for rapid prototyping and model/set making.

Polystyrene Sheet


 Polystyrene Sheet is often routed using a CNC machine for its use in model making and packaging.

Technical Information

We operate flatbed CNC 3-axis and 4-axis routing machines, enabling us to efficiently produce work with great precision.


Our 4-axis machine have a bed size to work with sheet materials in a size of 3050 x 2070mm 

We also have an ATC (Auto Tool Change) rack with 12 positions. This allows us to save on production time.


Our machine allow us to route, carve and engrave 3D images.

If you have Vector CAD files for your drawing, please send them with your enquiry. Having the drawings will speed up our quoting and production process. If you only have a basic sketch and do not have access to CAD software, we can also draw up your designs. If you do send in your drawing, please ensure the following:

Ensure the drawing is in DXF, EPS, AI, SKP or DWG format

Make sure the layers are named appropriately to help with identification
Let us know if the drawing is 1:1 in mm or otherwise